Fire Alarm Testing

fire alarm testing harrogate

Weekly Testing

When did you last test your fire alarm? If the answer isn’t this week then .. Oh ho!

UK fire safety legislation requires you test your fire alarm every week and check it daily. It is reasonably straight-forward to test a fire alarm if you have the instructions for the specific control panel you are using. Then you just need to make it somebody’s duty and have a stand-in for holidays. If all that seems a bit daunting then we can do it for you.

Harrogate Fire Alarms can provide you with a quotation for weekly fire alarm testing.

If your fire-safety record book has only records of sporadic testing or worse – no testing then it’s time you took action. Let us handle your weekly testing compliance. Call us now or fill in the form on this page. We just need a few brief details about your system to give you a free, no obligation quotation.

We also offer fire alarm maintenance and fire alarm installation.

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