Fire Protection Harrogate

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Fire Protection Harrogate

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order is designed to ensure UK businesses achieve adequate fire safety measures within their business. Fines and imprisonment can await those who fail to do so. The act outlines the ultimate role of responsibility and coins the term ‘Responsible Person’. If you own the business, then this is you. You cannot delegate away your responsibilities to others, ultimately if you give fire safety tasks to an employee or consultant you are still responsible to ensure that these people are competent.

Fire Protection  encompasses many disciplines but the place to start is with a mandatory fire risk assessment. There are many government guides to help you carry out your own assessment or you can choose to employ a specialist if you think the task is too onerous. Once completed the assessment should layout clearly the measures you need to take to keep you, your business, your staff and visitors safe and also keep you legal.

Fire alarms are one section of your fire safety provisions, all be it an important one. Virtually every UK business requires a fire alarm. Government guidelines tell us that if you can shout “Fire!” and be heard above all ambient noise in every room in your business then you may not need an alarm. For the vast majority though that means you should have an adequate fire alarm in place. But what is adequate? That’s where we can help. There are a whole range of categories and grades of system but your risk assessment and our expert advice can help you choose the one that’s right for you.

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